• 吉兆面通り端
  • 角詳細
  • 高級桐素材
  • 真田リボン
  • リボンレッグ構造


Humidity self-control

Chowa Box seals itself and regulates the humidity inside, making it a perfect container for humidity-sensitive materials.

High heat resistance

Kiri’s high thermal conductivity causes it to carbonize the surface upon ignition, which protects the contents.

Lightweight + Robust

Kiri belongs to the grass family. It has a luxurious appearance and is also extremely lightweight and robust.

Resistant to corrosion

Controlling humidity also results in high resistance to corrosion. The Chowa box maintains durability for decades.

Insect resistance

For hundreds of years, the Chowa Box has been used to store kimonos and silk fabrics, protecting them from insects.

Low shrinkage

Due to its low moisture content, Kiri wood is less prone to shrinking than other woods, and it maintains a consistent structure.